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  • Prescriptions

    Skip the wait. At BlitzCare, you can get your prescription online and have it sent straight to your pharmacy so your medication is ready when you are. Our staff of doctors is authorized to prescribe medication, but will only do so at their discretion, just like your primary care physician would. All of the safety, none of the hassle.

  • Online Urgent Care

    We provide online doctor consultations to New Yorkers on their time. Our doctors are available 24/7 to answer your questions, provide treatment including prescription medication, and most importantly, to calm your mind and get you back to feeling your best as quickly as possible. BlitzCare is health care on your terms.

  • Private & HIPAA Compliant

    Your health is serious business. We understand how important it is for your privacy to be respected. We use the latest HIPAA-compliant technology to ensure that all of your interactions with BlitzCare services are secure, discreet, and confidential.

  • Affordable. No Insurance Needed

    Our members get free access to 24/7 Online Urgent Care. No health insurance needed. No hidden costs. No membership, no problem. We accept all major credit cards and Health Savings Accounts. BlitzCare helps you breathe a little easier.

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